There is a mission we are dedicated to―and this is coded in our DNA!

@Philarpy, we believe the internet should be a haven for everyone, a safe place to explore and an excellent environment to connect. However, as technology advances, complexity coupled with bad folks seems to shorten the purpose of the internet.

As a group of like-minded experts in Computer, Internet and Data Security (CIDS), Philarpy seeks to correct some of the problems related the use of our modern technology through publishing educative information in a dedicated digital magazine. This Magazine is published three times (within) a year and the first will be released in April, 2018. It is interesting to note that: all digital copies of our Philarpy Magazine are available for DOWNLOAD FREE OF CHARGE―AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE!

However, if a user wishes to get a hard copy of the same Magazine, arrangements will be made to cater to that effect where the user may pay for the cost of printing.

The first publication in every year, Alpha, comes with a collection of issues from January-April (published in April). The second publication, Beta, comes with a collection of issues from May-August (published in August). The final publication within each year covers issues from September-December (published in December) and comes under the name Omega.

Our Digital Magazine covers four essential areas in life; Education, Technology, Health and Design. All articles in our Magazine are therefore shaped to cover the four essentials named above. General articles are sometime included depending on its usefulness to our readers.

As we are very much interested in CIDS, we debunk hoaxes, pranks and scams as well as making deep research on the social media and general cyber trends. We believe the internet should be a better place for all of our human family.