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New WhatsApp Has Text Formatting Toolbar & Support For Sharing All File Types!

An update to WhatsApp, as posted on July 12, comes with a formatting tool bar; bold, italics and strike through options for text enhancement in chat. What more, the new update also allows users to share all forms of documents and files; with apk and other file extensions included! As if that’s not enough, there’s easy photo sharing in the new update! Find below, a highlight of the new...

Let’s kill the Internet Rumors!

Have you ever seen these? • Rush Energy drink kills 8 in Nigeria and counting • LMG Sleeps With Dogs (Video) • Coca-Cola infected with HIV • Facebook Privacy Changed Once More!!! • Michelle Obama texting during National Anthem • Human foot sold as food • Saved by an Angel; man being rescued from oncoming truck • The story of a dog named Tank • Eagles attempt to snatch child • Obamacare implants...

Your Facebook Privacy & Other Settings

We often quote to say; “Prevention is better than cure”, but can I also say “protection is better than redemption?” Well, this is especially useful when it comes to life on the internet―it’s always useful to use online resources to protect ourselves from the dangers imposed by the “bad guys” on the internet. Your Internet security should never be compromised. In other to...

The Internet and you, why it matters?

To me, using the internet is so interesting, much more than fun, entertainment and experience. You may also have wondered about how the internet has gone a long way to provide so many intriguing benefits to you, myself and the rest of the human family; talking about research, exploring, connecting, just to mention but few. There are times when you come across so many things and I mean everything...

FDA Report On Rumoured Plastic Rice On The Ghanaian Market!

Food & Drug Authority, Ghana (FDA). Click to Download Original Document (PDF) Read On (Full Report Below): “Several videos on social media claim the existence of plastic rice, suggesting that these may be on the market and therefore a public concern. The Food and Drugs Authority became aware of these videos late last year and immediately commenced investigations to ascertain...

The Tortoises Of Every Generation

Drawing inspirations from Manasseh Azure’s ‘The Cheetahs of Every Generation’, it wouldn’t have come any better than this. Of a surety every generation has got not less than two categories of people, the fast runners and the slow runners. Both groups are in competition with others for the ultimate crown in the race of life. Prior to the ‘D-day’, the news of the...

Tackling The Long Standing Controversy Between Men And Women

Deception is a vital strategy in research. A researcher may adopt this strategy for use when he/she would want to hide (temporarily) the purpose of the research/study from his/her participants, but will reveal it to them after they have well responded to the study. The aim is not to put participants in a state of cacophony/suspense but because the results might be altered IF participants get to...

Attitudinal Change, The Only Way To Save Ghana ―Fuseini Mahani Soale

…FROM ITS SLUMBERS! Since Dr Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown, Ghana has been in the dark and doom days always eminent. Ghana has been 60years but nothing seems to change significantly. Successive governments come and go but the situation keeps going from bad to worse. Corruption has become the order of the day; unemployment is increasingly worsening almost every minute, our sanitation and...

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