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Suicide, a call for attention?


However the pizza tasted wasn’t a matter of essence until the girl’s in the house got to tertiary. Whether the favorite ice-cream joint had relocated or closed was the least that mattered to the drunkard. Anyway, the men in the house and the drunkard would eat, but pizza and ice-cream wouldn’t be in the list of their delicacies. Cancer, HIV/AIDS, war, accidents, to mention a few, were the main...

A Loop in Our Educational Structure


  How do we surge on if we are oblivious of what lies ahead? The essence in the saying, “When a blind man leads the blind, they fall into a ditch”, is not in the disabilities of any of them, rather, it is in their ignorance of what lies 5 inches ahead of them. I have bothered my thoughts with the question of whether or not our young brothers and sisters at the secondary school level have...

What to Know before Installing Apps


On the Google Playstore and other Appstores are hosted variety of third party Apps ranging from games, utility Apps, configuration Apps, messengers (IMs) among others. Usually, we want to download an App to solve a particular problem, enhance our device’s utility, connect with friends or better still entertain ourselves. With so many Apps to choose from a particular category, it’s often very...

Healthy Tips for New Mobile Devices—Phones and Tablets


  We all, at one time in our life have or will have to buy a new device to replace an older version due to one or more reasons. How a device performs and its lasting for the maximum time possible, more depends on us. Have you ever replaced a device or its accessory very early counting from the time of its first usage? It’s true that the durability of a device, mostly electronics, depends on...

5 Plus one Good Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Mobile Phones and Tablets


  You probably want to spend less on phones, tablets and their accessories or better still you don’t want to replace that your new device now? Oh! You don’t want to spend more on buying and repairing (fixing)—there’s good news for you! I’m much more in your shoes, but some things actually help not just off the blues. If you really want to extend your Mobile devices’ lifespan, then these...

‘Internet Hoaxes’, a rising menace!


  Hoax is “a false warning about something dangerous” or “an attempt to make people believe something that is not true” as defined by the Long Man Dictionary Of Contemporary English (LDoCE). The internet, from times past until now, has been the major site for hoaxes where bad guys sit down, frame anything enticing or “made-believe” stories and publish. There are always inexperienced internet...

The Social Media Trend; Fighting “Share Spamming”


  What is share spamming? Consider the excerpt below:        send *”JESUS  LOVES U”*         to 15 people right now.       let’s see if you have           time for *JESUS* Have you seen this or something similar? This is what is considered share spamming. The word “share spamming” is a combination of ‘share’ and ‘spam(ming)’. Share, as...

The Social Media trend; “Fighting Hoaxes, Pranks, Scams and Spams!”


  Philemon O’Arpelleh writes: If the whole world is made simple by technology but technology itself is made complex by the folks, then what’s the point? That’s a powerful message isn’t it? Technology is advancing, more powerful inventions, simplified tasks, easy sharing, powerful connections, quick reading and the fun goes creative! But wait! Did I mention sharing...

Hoax: Paracetamol Infected With Machupo Virus


  This silly version of claims that Paracetamol labeled P/500 is infected with Machupo Virus is still trending. The claims in the message are nothing but lies, a research into the issue has revealed. Before we walk you through the facts, find below, a quote of the WhatsApp version as received (scroll down to check the facts, if you need to skip this): “URGENT WARNING! Be careful not to...

Instagram to allow multiple media upload


  Instagram to allow multiple photo and video upload in a single post plus bulk enhancement (up to 10 photos/videos). New: You can share up to 10 photos and videos in one post on Instagram. How does this new feature work? When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos, tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter to everything at once or edit one...


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