Good news for GIF animation lovers. WhatsApp has in earlier updates allowed GIF animation support in chat but those were from external sources.

Not long after that support, WhatsApp tested a new feature that allowed Beta Users to send embedded Tenor GIFs from within the app during chat. This feature required no third party app.

However, since the WhatsApp team is dedicated to making the app more useful, the successful test has triggered a new feature to the general public. The latest version of WhatsApp now allows users to add GIF animations to their chat right within the app. No external (third-party) app required.



Search for the perfect animated GIF right from within WhatsApp.

Tap the emoji button in a chat and then tap GIF at the bottom of the emoji panel to get started.

That’s all it takes, but hey! You need to update your WhatsApp first.

If you have not updated your WhatsApp after 31st March, do so here: UPDATE WhatsApp (opens your Google Playstore directly).

Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon is the Senior Editor and Administrator at Philarpy Magazine. He is a Professional Teacher, Tech Writer and a part time Web Designer. Email: You can connect with Philemon on mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp).

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