WhatsApp has seen many new updates, powerful ones to say, within the last quarters of 2016. Including video calling, support for animated GIF (third-party apps: GIPHY among others). Initially, users were able to send and receive such GIF between devices (via the said third-party apps) including converting videos into GIF in WhatsApp.



Interestingly, the recent Beta version goes beyond this! It allows pre-installed GIF packs to be sent from within the app (WhatsApp). That is to say, the embedded TENOR Animated GIF pack allows Beta Users to search and post animations from within WhatsApp. This is awesome!



Want to enjoy this feature? Well, while this is not available for public users, you can enjoy it as a Beta user. But how? Sign up as a WhatsApp Beta user and enjoy this cool feature before it becomes publicly available.

Read More: How to become a WhatsApp Beta Tester.



While we dont know when this will become publicly available, Beta users have already started using this cool feature. Why not signup to become one of the first people to enjoy this update? Signup Here.

Philemon O'Arpelleh

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